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What's New in React Native v0.62.0!
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What's New in React Native v0.62.0!

Flipper officially supported!

Flipper by default

Flipper is a developer tool for debugging mobile apps. It’s popular in the Android and iOS communities, and in this release we’ve enabled support by default for new and existing React Native apps.

Check Flipper

New dark mode features

· Added a new Appearance module to provide access to the user's appearance preferences, such as their preferred color scheme (light or dark).

const colorScheme = Appearance.getColorScheme()

if (colorScheme === 'dark') {
  // Use dark color scheme

· Added a hook to subscribe to state updates to the users preferences:

import { Text, useColorScheme } from 'react-native'

const MyComponent = () => {
  const colorScheme = useColorScheme()
  return <Text>useColorScheme(): {colorScheme}</Text>

Moving Apple TV to react-native-tvos

· Started to remove Apple TV specific code from core.

☂️ Lean Core → Feb 6, 2019

Accessibility improvements

We’ve made improvements to accessibility including adding accessibilityValue, missing props on Touchables, onSlidingComplete accessibility events, and changing the default role of Switch component from "button" to "switch".